Verified Customer Reviews of Fischer Environmental Services

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Other Customer Testimonials:

Belinda Banks: “Called to let us know that Jerry went above and beyond to show her areas that were water damaged and not termites. He was wonderful”.

Mrs Quigley: “Called the office today to compliment the tech that completed her termite inspection. She stated she has never received such quality customer service from Fischer before. She stated he was very knowledgeable, awesome and showed complete concern for her as a customer and her home”.

Mrs. Signars: “Called & took the time to tell me how wonderful her tech Casey is. She said he did an excellent job w/her p/c spray and very happy with Casey”.

Mr. Nero: “Called and he was very happy with our tech Bob. He wanted to tell us what a great guy he is and that he was professional. Bob was very knowledgeable on the termite issue”.

Mr. Duffour: “Called in today to say Chris has been the best tech Fischer has ever sent to his home. He is very pleased with the work he performed and thinks Chris is great”.