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Serving Metro New Orleans for Over 60 Years

Fischer Environmental offers commercial pest and termite control services for businesses throughout metro New Orleans.  Our commercial pest control services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of local businesses including hospitals, restaurants, apartment buildings, condominiums, schools and public facilities.

Our commercial technicians receive specialized training which qualifies them to manage commercial applications, and we utilize state of the art equipment specifically for commercial jobs.

For more than 60 years, we have kept many of our local metro New Orleans area businesses and schools free of pests and termites. Contact us today for a free inspection and customized proposal for an integrated pest management solution.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management goes beyond the treatment of visible pest issues and focuses on the long term prevention of pest problems by addressing the underlying ecosystem.

That means we utilize a variety of pest control techniques and methods and the least toxic control products to ensure the best long term health of the environment and your facility.

Fischer is a Certified Green Pro company and is committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to commercial pest control in New Orleans.

Commercial Facilities We Service Include:


Hospitals have very particular pest control needs. Many pest species can carry disease and dangerous bacteria, and if they are in the facility, it can expose the patients and staff to harm. To avoid the consequences that can come with an infestation, it is important that a hospital has a pest control service that can handle the situation.

We offer comprehensive commercial pest control services that can meet the needs of any hospital. If you have a problem, Fischer can make sure that it is taken care quickly. We will employ a range of different techniques to prevent the appearance and infestation of pests.


Pests can be a particular problem in the food service industry, especially with the ultra competitive restaurant business here in metro New Orleans.

With the abundance of food at a restaurant, there are many types of pests that are going to be attracted to the location and to prevent this occurrence, it requires the specialized care of a team of professionals.

At Fischer Environmental, we have developed a pest control program that is specifically designed for restaurants. Our New Orleans commercial pest control experts are specially trained and we will use a range of technologies and practices to keep your business pest free, as well as safe.

Healthcare Facilities

A healthcare facility is going to be susceptible to all of the same pests that you may find in and around the home. To avoid exposing your patients to the potential harms that can exist when a pest species is present, the facility will need pest management services from a team of skilled professionals.

Fischer Environmental has been serving the healthcare industry since 1957 and we stay up to date on all of the best practices and equipment. We can effectively manage pest control for any medical facility and we respond quickly when our clients need us.

Grocery Stores

A grocery store is going to have some of the most complicated pest control needs. The stored food is sure to attract many different types of pests and keeping them out will require a serious effort that integrates a variety of methods into a single strategy.

The pros from Fischer Environmental have experience with servicing grocery stores and we can plan and execute a pest control strategy that is specially designed for your operation.

Multifamily Housing

Apartment buildings and other multifamily dwellings require a specialized form of care when it comes to pest control. Of course, the building needs to be free of pests, but you also have to protect the safety of the residents and maintain a healthy living environment. Unlike many of the more common pest control providers, we do more than just spray to kill pests that are living in the building. We identify nesting areas and attack the problem at its root. We also employ preventative measures to ensure that the pests do not come back.

When apartment owners have Fischer Environmental on the job, they get a pest control service that will handle the situation in a way that is safe and effective. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is satisfying to the owner of the building and the residents.

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