About Fischer Environmental Services

Serving the Louisiana & Mississippi Gulf Coast For Over 60 Years

As a New Orleans pest control company, Fischer Environmental has been serving the pest control and lawn care needs of the Gulf Coast region for more than 60 years. We are dedicated to providing the best services and our results are guaranteed in writing.

The Fischer Advantage

For pest control and lawn care, it will be hard to find a company that has more to offer than Fischer Environmental. To start with, we have the experience that many of our competitors do not.

With 60 years of experience in the metro New Orleans region, you have a pest control company that has built a solid reputation based on the work that we have done.   Our teams only include technicians that are fully trained and certified for the jobs that they perform and we hold our employees to the highest standards. When you have Fischer on the job, you are getting a team that is dedicated to providing the best and most satisfying results, and a pest control company that uses some of the best practices in the entire country.

Along with that, we offer the finest pest control services that you can find in Louisiana and Mississippi and we also go out of our way to provide the most consumer-friendly service that you can find. We have 24-hour emergency service with a 4-hour response time and representatives that are ready to address your concerns no matter what the time. In addition to that, we also offer some of the industry’s best guarantees.

Quality Pro Guarantee

With the Quality Pro Guarantee, you know that you are getting a service that exceeds the industry standards when you hire Fischer. The Quality Pro guarantee is a pest management program administered by the National Pest Management Association with the intention of providing customer assurance in regard to professionalism and quality. Fischer Environmental is not only a full member of the Quality Pro program, but we go beyond many of the already strict requirements that are necessary to gain certification.

Eco-Friendly/Green Pest Control

Fischer is a company that is dedicated to providing pest control in a way that is sustainable and friendly to the environment. We concern ourselves with more than just managing the pests, but doing it in a way that is safe and responsible. We only use methods that are proven to be safe and products that have been tested for quality. In our goal to provide effective and environmentally sound pest control services, we are continually studying new methods and staying current on the latest scientific research concerning the industry. The teams at Fischer not only meet all of the environmental regulations from state, national and local governments, but we go out of our way to exceed them.

Our Awards

Being a New Orleans pest control company that is always striving to be the best and continually looking for ways that we can improve upon our service, Fischer Environmental has received awards for our dedication to quality pest control that is good to the environment.

Fischer Environmental is one of the few companies to receive the Gold Standard Level for the EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. This award recognizes the great efforts of Fischer Environmental toward reducing the risk of pesticides and the high standards that we employ in our practices.

In addition to that, Fischer is one of only five pest control companies to have received the “Champion of the Environment” award from the EPA.